Chocolate Gelato

Things are starting to come together around here and while the to-do list is still very, very long, progress is being made.

In less than two weeks Max and I will be in Miami. How crazy and strange.

My mood has been all over the map this last week. Excited and elated, stressed and overwhelmed, homesick even though I am still at home.

Each day is pretty tightly scheduled now. Cleaning out closets, cupboards and toy bins. Organizing for bills to be paid and cheques to be deposited and the grass to be cut. Getting travel documents together and going for dentist and doctor appointments. Fitting in goodbye dinners and lunches and cups of tea with friends. Ignoring the fact that my front garden is full of weeds along with a few strawberry plants and absolutely nothing else. I just need to let that one go…

On Friday night Sarolta and I hosted the second to last Supper in the Kitchen before my departure.

Of all of the things that I will miss about my life in Vancouver these cooking classes are high on the list. The food and flower shopping, the setting of the table and ironing of the linens, the printing of the recipe cards are all things that I really love to do. The afternoon of quiet prep in the kitchen before the guests arrive is one of my favourite things in the world. Meeting some new and always interesting people and spending an evening talking about food and life, sipping wine, eating and laughing is just pure joy.

The chocolate gelato pictured above was our dessert from Friday night’s class. It is a good one to teach as it is a very easy take on the more complicated custard based ice cream. The ingredient list is simple: milk, cream, sugar, cornstarch and good quality cocoa powder. No eggs, and no “real” chocolate but still so, so chocolatey and rich and delicious. Plus it doesn’t involve a lot of time hovering over a hot stove. Just bring your cream to a simmer and add in the remaining ingredients, stirring until the sugar is fully dissolved. Perfect for these hot summer days.

On Friday we served it with a homemade caramel sauce and some of the beautiful stray fraise de bois strawberries from my weedy front garden.

Now I am busy planning our final class to be held on the 9th of August. I donated a cooking class to the Spring Fling fundraiser at Max’s school in May and was delighted when Bonnie, a fellow Queen Vic Mom, was the silent auction winner. It will be a fitting send off until I am back for a few classes in December and then again in the spring.

I plan to savour this last class in the same way I would an icy, cold scoop (or two) of chocolate gelato on a late summer afternoon.

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6 Responses to Chocolate Gelato

  1. nice post, but a wee bit sad. quick note to wish you all the best…i look forward to reading your posts via miami!!

  2. Sarolta returned the insert to your ice-cream machine… right? The contents were awesome; leftovers are always well received, and I was sad as well… after the last spoonful. Going to miss you guys, but I’ll see you in December or sooner if Sarolta needs to go shopping in Miami.


  3. Tracy says:

    It appears to have stress melting powers—I can tell just by looking at the photo. I hope to have an ice cream maker one day. I will have to make a good argument for one, though. Roberto claims that there isn’t room in the cupboards. He is right. He just needs to taste homemade ice cream. Perhaps that will do the trick.

  4. Lisa Marr says:

    I can vouch for the fact that this gelato is a little bit of heaven on a hot summer day…

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh how bittersweet. I shall miss you and our lovely relationship much more than you realize I think. I am now wondering if this gelato is in the realm of possibilities for moi? Much love.

  6. Bonnie says:

    I can’t wait!
    And this gelato looks divine!

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