Spring Pea Risotto with Crispy Prosciutto and Basil Oil

Pea risotto with prosciutto and basil oil

A sunny, cloudy Sunday at the end of April.

I have a list of things to do a mile long. In fact, I have several lists. But today I will put these ever present, ever growing lists on the far end of the desk and take a moment to do something (anything) else. I will take some photographs and write a few words. I will take a break.

The last few weeks have been all about trying to check things off of lists. There are things that simply have to get done before we leave for Paris (3 weeks!) and having a list is the only way I can remember what those things are. Sometimes though, it all seems so futile. One thing gets accomplished and then immediately there is another task that needs attention.

I can’t really complain though. Between chores there have been some bright moments thankfully enjoyed in the warm spring sunshine. I have spent more than a few hours in the garden, I have ridden my bike twice, celebrated my Grandmother’s and a friend’s birthday, been invited out to have a wonderful dinner with friends. I baked a cake. I cut branches of quince blossoms and put them in vases around the house. I took some walks with my husband and my son and my dog.

I made some spring pea risotto with crisped slices of prosciutto, shavings of Parmesan and basil oil. This was not on a list, it was done purely for pleasure.

Here is the recipe.


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6 Responses to Spring Pea Risotto with Crispy Prosciutto and Basil Oil

  1. Tracy says:

    I like the list of things you have done for yourself. We finished our list of things before we head off to Italy. Less than two weeks!

  2. Do you have your back-up camera ready?? 🙂
    That dish looks like I should have it for dinner tonight..xo

  3. Your risotto looks perfect. Oh, Paris in spring… Just around the corner. Very exciting.

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