Grilled Lamb Popsicles with Salsa Verde – Day 9 of the 12 Days of Canapés – 2012

Grilled lamb chops with salsa verde

So far the Christmas vacation has been very relaxing around here. Perhaps a bit too relaxing. I have been spending quite a bit of time lounging around reading biographies, laying by the pool and drinking margaritas, wandering around the small town where my parents live, hanging out with my family. I do have four more canapé recipes to deliver here before the end of the year and so I need to get a move on!

I’m sure no one feels like talking about food after yesterday’s big feast but New Year’s Eve is coming up fast and I am happy to have a few more great party recipes to share.

The grilled lamb chops that you see above are hardly a recipe at all but I still wanted to include them as they are a hit whenever I serve them at a cocktail party. People literally camp out by the stove waiting for them to come off the grill and they are often snatched up before they even have a chance to hit the serving platter.

Grilling can be done on a stovetop grill pan or the barbecue if you have yours on a nearby deck. When we made these at the fundraiser earlier this month one of my guests offered to take over the grilling leaving me free to move onto other kitchen tasks. Thanks Craig!

I like to serve these with a salsa verde made with preserved lemon, tarragon and lots of parsley but they can also be served solo, arranged artfully on a platter atop a few long sprigs of rosemary. Pass with a good size stack of napkins!

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