Nectarine Galette with Raspberries

I don’t generally post two dessert recipes in a row but since Glen left for Florida earlier this week I have been feeling a bit blue and thought a little something sweet might help to lift my mood.

A lot has happened in the last 4 days. I helped Glen get packed for the next five months and saw him off bright and early on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon my Mom and Dad helped my Baba (Grandma) move her last few items INTO our basement suite. One moves out and one moves in.

Since her boyfriend of fifty years died two months Baba decided it was finally time to sell her house. However, even though she is 97 years old she is vehemently opposed to moving into a senior’s home. “A place filled with old people would drive me crazy!” she says.

So for now she will live here at my house and in a few months a suite in the house next door will be available and she will move in there. She seems pretty happy to be here and has been out exploring the neighbourhood, doing some shopping, visiting with friends, settling in.

It has been good for me to have her here as well. It has helped keep my mind off of how much I miss my husband. I also love having someone else to cook for and talk with and have tea with in the afternoons. Someone who likes a slice of rustic nectarine tart as much as I do.

A couple of notes on this galette:

The crust is made from a simple sweet dough that yields enough for two tarts so just stash one of the disks in your freezer for a future galette.

I have used nectarines as I had a fragrant bowl sitting on my counter but peaches (or plums or apricots) would be wonderful as well. You may want to adjust the amount of sugar and honey depending on the ripeness/sweetness of your fruit. If using peaches it is better to peel the fruit but for the nectarines I generally don’t bother.

I like to add the raspberries after the galette has been baked but you could also throw them on before you slide the galette into the oven. Your choice.

Happy baking!

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  1. Leslie says:

    You are simply awesome, in and out of the kitchen.

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