West Coast Seafood Salad with a Thyme and Lemon Vinaigrette

It has been a busy few days around here and I am running around like a bit of a chicken as I am leaving to go on a trip with my Mom tomorrow. Last year my Mom and Dad and sister Lisa went for the first time in many years on a family vacation. Just the four of us. We went to Paris for a week and had a sweet and wonderful time. Some good laughs and walks, some great meals, some cherished memories.

My Mom enjoyed that trip so much that she decided she wanted to go back this June and set to work investigating dates and flights and apartment rentals.

It was supposed to be just the women this year (my Dad politely declined, he had some pressing golf games booked and I think we drove him a bit crazy last year) but then the dates conflicted with a trip my sister already planned to take with her boyfriend. So, it is just me and my Mom for two weeks in Paris!

We have rented a one bedroom flat up on Avenue Junot in Montmartre that looks lovely and I am packing my best walking shoes and my camera. Two weeks seems like a luxurious amount of time to have to wander around in one of my favourite cities in the world. As we already did many of the touristy things last year I am looking forward to a more leisurely pace this time around, more serendipitus exploring than tightly planned routes. My Mom and I are both terrible map readers so there will undoubtedly be some interesting moments of navigation.

The plane leaves tomorrow and so I am trying to decided what to pack. I am one of the worst packers in the world. I make a list then second guess my choices and then wait until the very last second, while the cab is waiting outside and then I start madly chucking stuff into a suitcase and then arrive with a bag packed with some completely impractical clothing. Then I end up wandering around muttering to myself “What the hell was I thinking?” It happens every time.

I have also been trying to get  things set up for my little family while I am away. My Dad is moving in for a few days to look after Max while Glen shoots the last few days of the movie that he is working on. I am feeling more than a bit sad to be leaving the guys for two whole weeks. I get a bit teary just thinking about it. Max and Glen assure me that they are going to miss me too but I can tell that they are pretty excited by the prospect of their two weeks of freedom. The lack of rules and mealtimes and bedtimes and homework schedules that I tend to instill around here. They will have the sushi place from down the street that delivers on speed dial. Sushi everyday! Truly a dream come true for Max…

The place we rented looks to have a very nice kitchen and so I am thinking I will be able to do at least a bit of cooking. While I won’t be posting any recipes, I am hoping to post a Paris Photo of the Day. Some will be food related and some not. It will get me using my camera and honing my skills.

Before I go I did want to leave one recipe that will be perfect to offically welcome summer’s arrival in just a few days. I made this as part of a dinner party that we snuck in before the madness around here started earlier this week. This is perfect with a glass of sparkling wine or a lovely (French!) Picpoul de Pinet or a local lager.

Stay tuned for some Paris photos over the next two weeks and then some french inspired recipes upon my return. Wish me luck with the flight. I am petrified to fly…

Oh, and if anyone out there has a favourite restaurant, or bistro, or food shop, or bookstore or park or museum, street or shoe store, or market (flea or food) or cinema or thing that they love to do in Paris, please, please leave me a comment!

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7 Responses to West Coast Seafood Salad with a Thyme and Lemon Vinaigrette

  1. Sheryl says:

    How perfect! I wish I could come – maybe when I am fixed!! ( a friend told me it sounds like I’m being spayed, which I am not… but I do need to get this pesky MS under control before I go city hopping…)
    Anyway… if you happen to walk past a Post Office as you wander, please ask them for some beautiful stamps. I am particularly looking for one with a very large spider on it – yes, a spider called “Maman” by Louise Bourgeouis. I guarantee the post person will be glad you asked… they have respect for Mail Art in France!
    Thanks Julie, and have a fabulous time! Looking forward to Paris every Day…

  2. Sheryl says:

    araignée /aʀeɲe/ feminine noun/ spider.

  3. Julija says:

    Paris! Paris! …some places I enjoyed:

    L’institut du monde arabe
    it’s an astonishing building on the riverside with a great overview from the rooftop

    Musée Rodin

    Café Maure de la Mosquée de Paris
    Rue Geoffroy St-Hilaire 39, Paris 75005
    this is a lovely cafe, located in the garden of a Mosque

    Au Duc de la Chapelle
    A bakery and its price winnig baguette!

    Have a great stay in Paris!
    Greetings from Munich

  4. Sheryl: I will do my best to hunt down the spider called “Maman”.

    Julija: Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have been to the Musée Rodin but my Mom has not so I will certainly take her there. Your other ideas are brand new and very welcome!

  5. Leigh says:

    Bonne vacation! My 2 favourite restaurants below. Make sure you have a mojito at George atop the Pompidour!

    Au Petit Fer A Cheval – Best Duck!
    30, rue vieille-du-Temple, Paris 75004 – by Chatelet metro stop

    Chez Prune:
    36 Rue Beaurepaire

    here’s a google map for directions:

  6. Leigh: Thanks for the recommendations. Full report to follow!

  7. gail monteen boure says:

    You have to go and see the AWESOME Moulin Rouge perfomance…..what a real Pais treat…the food was also good…service was also good…that is if you decide to have the three course dinner…includes wine or champange…..if not you can just see the performance…it’s wonderful !!! hAVE A GOOD TIME…My husband and I were in Paris for the first time in March, so when the movie Midnight In Paris (Woody Allen) started, we rushed out to see it…SOOOO GOOD!!

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