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Day 17 in France

I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee and thinking about how today marks the halfway point in our trip to France. In a way it marks the end of part one of the trip as family starts arriving today and on … Continue reading

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Day 16 in France

Whenever I tell someone that I’m going to be spending some time in Paris they always ask, “Where are you going to eat?” I suspect they are hoping to hear that I have a long list of “serious” restaurants, perhaps … Continue reading

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Day 15 in France

I know that I owe you guys a decent post tonight. And I know that since this is supposed to be a food blog that it really should be about food. For the last few days I have been talking … Continue reading

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Day 14 in France

I have just arrived home from a most inspiring evening. When I put out the call for recommendations for things to do in Paris it was Denise who wrote that one of her favourite memories was taking in a reading … Continue reading

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Day 13 in France

It was a sunny, summery Sunday in Paris. We managed to leave the apartment at the crack of noon and take the subway down for our first stop of the day, the organic market on the rue Raspail. My Mom … Continue reading

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Day 12 in France

This morning, waking up after a very good night’s sleep, I headed into our rather tiny Parisian kitchen to make coffee for my Mom and me. As I stood over the sink, measuring coffee into the espresso pot, I could … Continue reading

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Day 11 in France

Our 11th day in France. Here is it in pictures…

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Day 10 in France

For the last nine days we have been enjoying the hustle and bustle of big city life in Paris. Today it was time to spread our wings a little bit and head out beyond the city limits to explore a … Continue reading

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