Day 3 of the 2nd Annual Culinary Tour of Paris



We headed out early this morning to the Marché Raspail to explore the market and pick up some fresh ingredients for our afternoon cooking class.

We meandered along the market stalls selecting the best that was on offer. Beautiful heads of lettuce, French breakfast radishes, bunches of tarragon, parsley, and thyme, lemons, leeks, garlic and shallots. Some super ripe figs and chestnut honey to go with them. We couldn’t resist a few bunches of peonies and Lori, one our sweet guests, purchased a couple of bottles of farmer’s market organic rosé wine to enjoy with our lunch.

On our way back to the flat we scored a few “bien-cuit” traditionnel baguettes and a couple of kilos of mussels.

With our guests, we prepared a Sunday lunch, Paris style. We set up our cooking stations and were soon slicing and dicing our way to a delicious lunch.

Today’s menu included radishes with demi-sel butter and baguette served alongside some Bresse Blu cheese, olives and sliced ham.

First course was Alsatian tarts with bacon, Comté, onions with a mâche salad on top.

There were mussels in white wine and herbs with plenty of crusty baguette.

We then had our salad course with beautiful red leaf lettuce, a Dijon vinaigrette, shards of French cheese and toasted walnuts.

For dessert? Homemade lemon madeleines served on a wooden platter with fresh market figs drizzled with chestnut honey.

We talked and ate until almost five in the evening.

It was my ideal Sunday lunch in Paris.

xo J


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Day 2 of the 2nd Annual Culinary Tour in Paris

Bistrot Paul Bert Green beans and summer truffles White asparagus
Sole with a butter sauce photo copy 6  Espresso and a canalé

Day two in Paris! Our guests all enjoyed a long and well deserved rest last night and so were ready to tackle a day of eating, drinking and exploring some of the beautiful sights of Paris.

We travelled to the Bastille in the early afternoon to enjoy a typical bistro lunch at one of our favourite go-to places, Paul Bert. We enjoyed white asparagus, haricot vert salad with shaved summer truffles, sole with roasted potatoes, and roasted suckling pig. Not to mention the best coffee of the trip, so far, accompanied by a beautiful little canelé. The morning weather had been a bit rainy but by the time we emerged from the restaurant, well fed and very happy, the sun came out to greet us.

We made our way by metro down to the always stunning Place de la Concorde and did a walking tour that took us through the Jardin des Tuileries to the Louvre and then down along rue de Coquillière to make a brief detour into the incomparable cooking equipment store E. Dehillerin. From there, as the temperatures were approaching 30 degrees C, we ducked into the majestic St. Eustache church for some cool quiet time. This church is such a magical place with beautiful shafts of light, flickering candles and is the perfect place for some quiet contemplation.

Tomorrow we are off early to the organic market on Boulevard Raspail before heading back to our flat to tie on our aprons and cook Sunday lunch together. Mussels in white wine with herbs, Alsatian tarts and a green salad with a dijon vinaigrette and walnuts are all on the menu. For dessert we will be making some madeleines to go along with some tea we picked up at Marriage Frere.

It promises to be another delicious day.

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Day 1 of the 2nd Annual Paris Culinary Tour 2014

Culinary Tour no 1 

Day one of our second annual culinary tour in Paris.

Beautiful skies and warm temperatures greeted our guests this morning as they arrived in the City of Light. After a stroll down rue de Abbesses we headed up to enjoy the calm, cool, quiet of the Sacré Cœur. Amongst the throngs of tourists the interior of the Basilica is always a welcome haven and on this visit with my sweet Mum (who is a first time participant on our culinary tour) I lit a candle for my Baba who so recently left us. It was a gift to be able to celebrate my grandmother in such a meaningful place. It meant so much to my Mum and me.

Parting ways with our guests after our Montmartre tour Sarolta and I made our way back to our light and airy apartment to get ready for our opening night cocktail party/orientation.

With our culinary tour participants we enjoyed an evening filled with good food and wine and planning for our days ahead.

Tomorrow we are off to the Bastille for a traditional bistro lunch followed by a visit to the major sights of Paris. The Place de la Concorde, the Seine, and a walk through the Tuileries to the Louvre and onward up through rue Montmartre to rue de Martyrs are all on our list.

The weather promises to be fine…

xo J

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May Food

La belle France Villefranche sur mer Biking near Aix
French flea market Escargots Saucisson
IMG_4522  Alain Ducasse dessert at Alain Ducasse
Yellow door in Aix  Asperges Blanche Rosé in Provence
Biking lunch IMG_4825 Mussels at home
escargots  Le Happy Face Persil
Merci Lentils and bacon Near Jacques Genin

The month of May seemed to be all about travel and good food.

For the first two weeks I was in the south of France on a family vacation that saw us explore Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Villefranche and Monaco. From this beautiful region we ventured to Provence where we stayed in the charming city of Aix en Provence. We spent our days exploring on foot and by bicycle, we happily drank a number of glasses of very good, very cheap rosé, ate one very fancy meal but mostly very simple ones. Most of all we just enjoyed being together.

We got back to Vancouver on the 15th and then I got busy to leave again on the 29th. Time for our second annual Paris Culinary Tour. Lots of prepping and packing and making of lists but it all got done just in time and now we are here in Paris getting ready for our guests to join us on the 6th of June.

Stay tuned for a daily account of our culinary adventures in the city of light.

xo J

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Rhubarb Hand Pies


I’m in the final stretch of preparing for our second annual culinary tour in Paris. I’ll be up early tomorrow and off to the airport by 9 am and as I look around my very messy house I see so many things that still need to be done. Cooking equipment needs to be packed, recipes formatted and printed and a few last minute essentials purchased. In the end it will all get done, as it always does. Breath in, breath out.

However, before I go I want to post a recipe that features rhubarb which is one of my very favourite spring ingredients. Do you think this might just be a way of artfully procrastinating regarding some more pressing tasks at hand? Honestly though, this site hasn’t seen a recipe post for over a month so I feel I am duty bound to put one up now.

The rhubarb in my garden is happily thriving and it is so very simple to grow. Sadly, rhubarb season will be pretty much over by the time I return home and this recipe, with it’s combination of sweet-tart rhubarb scented with cardamom nestled between disks of buttery flaky pastry, is just too good to hold onto until next year. The other thing I love about this recipe is that you can make these any size you wish from bite size to a full pie. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream these are the perfect spring dessert.

Now, back to packing, cleaning, organizing.

Next stop Paris!

IMG_2663 IMG_2636

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April Food

photo 19 photo 25 photo 31
photo 32 photo 33 photo 34
photo 35 photo 36 photo 54
photo 38 photo 39 photo 40
photo 41 photo 42 photo 43
photo 45 photo 44 photo 46
photo 47 photo 49 photo 48
photo 50 photo 52 photo 51

April was filled with flowers. Quince blossoms, tulips, fragrant hyacinth and crimson coloured peonies. The lilacs are just starting to bloom in the back garden and the scent is intoxicating.

In addition to all the flowers there was also plenty of food. Braised beans enjoyed on cold, rainy days. Spring risottos on warmer, sunnier ones. Olive oil citrus cakes, white tipped radishes with demi-sel butter and omelettes with smoked salmon and greens. Some toast and jam thrown in for good measure. There was also a bottle or two of pink sparkling wine.

We hosted a good number of dinners, classes and parties for groups large and small here at Kitchen Culinaire headquarters. We had meetings for some exciting projects that are on the horizon and I even managed to make a quick trip to Los Angeles where I ate and drank and shopped with my beloved sister.

Now, I am just finishing my final packing and will be leaving later this evening for a much anticipated two-week family vacation in the south of France. Bike riding, rosé wine drinking, market shopping, antique hunting and general exploring are all on the menu. I’m thrilled to be off on a new adventure!

xo J


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Spring Breakfast Tart


DSC_0192 DSC_0166 2

This weekend I am in Los Angeles spending some time with my dear sister Lisa. Over the past few years we haven’t really spent any solo sister time together and so these 4 days are very special.

Being away from home for Easter means there won’t be a big multi-course feast for family and friends.  No gigantic glazed ham, or roasted lamb with peas and favas. No big pot of watercress soup topped with crème fraîche and chives. No bubbling gratin dishes of scalloped potatoes scented with nutmeg. No rhubarb cakes with toasted almonds and cream. No eating way too many chocolate eggs.

It will be only the two of us for Easter dinner and this brings to mind that old saying “What is the definition of forever? Two people and a ham”. We could invite a bunch of Lisa’a friends and cook up a big meal, but on this trip I think we will just enjoy some quiet time together and check out a few of the restaurants that are on our list of hotspots.

However, as I tend to get a bit nervous to go too many days without cooking, I am thinking of surprising my sister tomorrow with an easy and very spring(y) breakfast tart. The ingredients are easy to come by, no special equipment is needed and it is quick and simple to make. It will likely be the only cooking I do on this whole trip.

For those of you in the thick of planning/shopping/cooking a massive family meal this weekend this little tart might just in come in handy for you too!

Happy Easter and eat a few extra chocolate eggs for me.

xo J


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Radicchio Salad with Bacon and Eggs – Sunday Lunch for Two

Radicchio salad with bacon and eggs IMG_2952

A busy week lies ahead but I wanted to put up a brief post to share some highlights from the past weekend. My sweet son Max has been away on a school trip to Quebec City where he is practising his French and soaking up the culture. My sister left on Friday for her home in Los Angeles and so for the first time in a long time it was just my husband and I on our own with no classes or dinners or commitments of any kind for an entire two days.

We took walks with our dog, went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market, watched movies and enjoyed a rather romantic dinner out. On Sunday Glen ran some errands and I stayed home to cook us lunch. The weather was nice enough that I cooked with the kitchen doors wide open and let in some fragrant spring air. After the last few rather stressful weeks it was just what I needed.

I had picked up olives, cheese, greens, garlic, eggs and some beautiful purple broccolini at the market on Saturday. I had some double smoked bacon, pasta, good olive oil and bread crumbs in the pantry.

I made orrechiette with the brocolini, plenty of garlic and chilli flakes and topped with shavings of Parmesan cheese and toasted breadcrumbs. To go alongside I made the salad you see above. Pleasantly bitter radicchio with a handful of arugula leaves, some green onions, crispy bacon, Gorgonzola, 10 minute boiled eggs all bound together with a grainy mustard vinaigrette.

We ate and talked and ate some more. Sunday lunch for two.

xo J

P.S. I am pretty thrilled to have some beautiful photos of my kitchen (and my hands!) over on my friend Melissa’s site, The Bounty Hunter. Check them out here!



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