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Radicchio Salad with Bacon and Eggs – Sunday Lunch for Two

A busy week lies ahead but I wanted to put up a brief post to share some highlights from the past weekend. My sweet son Max has been away on a school trip to Quebec City where he is practising … Continue reading

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Rainy Monday Morning Frittata with Squash Blossoms and Ricotta

Earlier this week, on a rainy Monday morning, I shuffled around the kitchen after everyone had left for work and school. It was a melancholy sort of morning and I wasn’t sure if this was because of the weather, or … Continue reading

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Day 5. Paris Culinary Tour

Just waiting for our group to arrive so that we can tie on our aprons and cook our first dinner together in the Paris kitchen. Today we spent a couple of hours wandering the streets of our neighbourhood, picking up … Continue reading

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Day 4. Paris Culinary Tour

Today was a free day for our group. Some of us went on a bike tour around the city, others relaxed, had lunch with friends or set out to see the Eiffel Tower and take in an evening show. Seems … Continue reading

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Dungeness Crab Salad with Avocado, Roasted Beets, Crème Fraîche and Lime

Two weekends ago I was invited out for dinner at a friend’s house. This may not sound like a big deal but I very, very rarely get invited out for dinner at someone’s home. I used to wonder if this … Continue reading

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Spring Pea Risotto with Crispy Prosciutto and Basil Oil

A sunny, cloudy Sunday at the end of April. I have a list of things to do a mile long. In fact, I have several lists. But today I will put these ever present, ever growing lists on the far end … Continue reading

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Watercress and Potato Soup with Crème Fraîche

I am sorry that it has been so very quiet here for the past few weeks. Ironically, the reason I haven’t been around to post any recipes since I got back from Holland is that I have been so busy … Continue reading

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Celery and Fennel Salad with Medjool Dates and Parmesan Cheese

I am leaving today for Holland. At 4 pm actually and, as usual, I still have to pack my bag and get myself organized for the trip. Some things never change. I will be back in just over a week … Continue reading

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