April Food

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April was filled with flowers. Quince blossoms, tulips, fragrant hyacinth and crimson coloured peonies. The lilacs are just starting to bloom in the back garden and the scent is intoxicating.

In addition to all the flowers there was also plenty of food. Braised beans enjoyed on cold, rainy days. Spring risottos on warmer, sunnier ones. Olive oil citrus cakes, white tipped radishes with demi-sel butter and omelettes with smoked salmon and greens. Some toast and jam thrown in for good measure. There was also a bottle or two of pink sparkling wine.

We hosted a good number of dinners, classes and parties for groups large and small here at Kitchen Culinaire headquarters. We had meetings for some exciting projects that are on the horizon and I even managed to make a quick trip to Los Angeles where I ate and drank and shopped with my beloved sister.

Now, I am just finishing my final packing and will be leaving later this evening for a much anticipated two-week family vacation in the south of France. Bike riding, rosé wine drinking, market shopping, antique hunting and general exploring are all on the menu. I’m thrilled to be off on a new adventure!

xo J


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6 Responses to April Food

  1. Thanks for the sweet words Michele. Just arrived in Nice, settling into our apartment, having a glass of red wine and so life is good.

  2. Melissa says:

    Lovely images Julie! Can’t wait to see all your images from France!

  3. Gorgeous, as always. And I know you are enjoying May.

  4. Hi Julie! Your photos are so beautiful as always! And the south of France? So envious!

    Do you mind me asking what app you use to take your photos? I love the filter!!



    • Sorry Beeta for such a long delay in responding. Just busy getting ready for our culinary tour and so have been neglecting things around the blog! Thanks for you kind comments, as always. As far as my instagram feed I use an app called Shakit photo. I love it! xo J

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