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This weekend I am in Los Angeles spending some time with my dear sister Lisa. Over the past few years we haven’t really spent any solo sister time together and so these 4 days are very special.

Being away from home for Easter means there won’t be a big multi-course feast for family and friends.  No gigantic glazed ham, or roasted lamb with peas and favas. No big pot of watercress soup topped with crème fraîche and chives. No bubbling gratin dishes of scalloped potatoes scented with nutmeg. No rhubarb cakes with toasted almonds and cream. No eating way too many chocolate eggs.

It will be only the two of us for Easter dinner and this brings to mind that old saying “What is the definition of forever? Two people and a ham”. We could invite a bunch of Lisa’a friends and cook up a big meal, but on this trip I think we will just enjoy some quiet time together and check out a few of the restaurants that are on our list of hotspots.

However, as I tend to get a bit nervous to go too many days without cooking, I am thinking of surprising my sister tomorrow with an easy and very spring(y) breakfast tart. The ingredients are easy to come by, no special equipment is needed and it is quick and simple to make. It will likely be the only cooking I do on this whole trip.

For those of you in the thick of planning/shopping/cooking a massive family meal this weekend this little tart might just in come in handy for you too!

Happy Easter and eat a few extra chocolate eggs for me.

xo J


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3 Responses to Spring Breakfast Tart

  1. kickpleat says:

    Ah, this looks so good & how lovely to surprise your sister with breakfast! Happy visiting!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Mmmm, looks so tasty! I would certainly be happy to wake up to this any time of day.

  3. Teresa says:

    I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE!!!!! Your photography is beautiful!!

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