Longing for Spring Artichoke Soufflés

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It is a sunny day at the tail end of winter that has me longing for spring.

This morning at Norman’s Fruits and Vegetables, the greengrocer just down the street from my house, there were some beautiful artichokes. I had some eggs, milk and butter in the fridge and a tiny wedge of Comté cheese. Some flour in the pantry. Put them all together and I had everything I needed for a lovely light lunch.

It is tricky to photograph soufflés as they tend to collapse fairly quickly. You will just have to trust me that these rose up puffy and brown and had a beautiful light and airy texture. I gobbled one up right as it emerged from the oven. A second soufflé, enjoyed later in the afternoon and fully deflated, was certainly less fluffy but no less delicious.

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  1. Oooooh… souffles! These are on my to-do list! I’ve never made a souffle–it’s time to try. And artichokes? Love it!

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