The End of Summer and Some Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

Wild blackberries

Well, this is it. The last day of August, the last weekend of summer, the last of the carefree days of the season.

We are spending the long weekend at our little blue cabin on Keats Island. The weather forecast is for warm and sunny skies and so there are plans for swimming, walks through the forest and dinners at the beach. The kids will run free, (as long as they are home for lunch) and when it turns to dusk they will play board games inside the cabin while the adults sip wine and talk and laugh out on the deck, lit up with candles, until bedtime.

After cooking for company over the last few weekends I am keeping things simple on this trip. Yogurt with ripe peaches and granola for breakfast, salads for lunch and grilled meats and vegetables for dinner. And for dessert? Something simple and seasonal. Blackberry frozen yogurt. Scented with a touch of cardamom and garnished with fresh blackberries.

Wild blackberry frozen yogurt

Just outside the door to our cabin are blackberry bushes. Just down the lane too. In fact much of the island is covered with wild blackberries bushes. Not that these bushes produce those giant blackberries that you find at the market that look so pretty but taste a bit watery and bland. These wild blackberries are smaller in size but bursting with flavour. After a day of rain (which happened a couple of days ago) they plump up and gleam like little jewels. On these last days it seems everyone is out on the dusty roads, plastic yogurt containers in hand, picking the blackberries for their morning cereal, or for a pie or to even take home and freeze, to be enjoyed in the dark days of winter.

I will miss these days of swimming and late bedtimes and reading all afternoon and little brown bodies with dirty, dirty feet but it will be the intoxicating and heady smell of the ripening berries on these final hot and sunny carefree days that I will miss the very most until next summer.

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