Raspberry Friands

Raspberry friands

Just a quick post today. I am busy getting ready for my son’s 12th birthday party on Saturday but wanted to put up a recipe that is a great way to use up the egg whites from my last post (fig leaf ice cream) and showcase some summer raspberries at the same time.

Whenever I make ice cream or carbonara that requires only the yolks of eggs I always save the whites to use in some other dish. The whites, saved in an airtight container in the fridge, will happily keep for a few days but it is always great to have a few recipes up one’s sleeve to use the egg whites other than making an egg white omelette which I am not a huge fan of.

Mini pavlovas are one great way to use up leftover egg whites but require a whole lot of beating and can be a bit intimidating to make. Here is a one-bowl-wonder of a recipe that only requires a quick whisking of the egg whites that are then combined with ground almonds, sugar, a bit of flour and some salt. The batter is quite thin and can be easily poured into greased friand or financier molds and topped with a raspberry (or peach slice or cherry slice or even blueberries) and baked to produce a small yet special treat to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Dusting friands with icing sugar

Once they emerge hot from the oven, dust them with a bit of icing sugar and enjoy.

Wish me luck with the big birthday party, I think I am going to need it!

Friands and tea

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6 Responses to Raspberry Friands

  1. Bess says:


    I imagine these get eaten right away, but if not, what is the storage recommendation ?


  2. They are absolutely darling. I hope your son’s birthday party today was a bit hit. I’m sure it was. I can just imagine the cake…

  3. Sarolta says:

    These would be perfect for this rainy Sunday. Beautiful photos my friend!

    xo rolti

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