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Day 5. Paris Culinary Tour

Duck breast with orange sauce and a orange and parsley salad

Just waiting for our group to arrive so that we can tie on our aprons and cook our first dinner together in the Paris kitchen.

Today we spent a couple of hours wandering the streets of our neighbourhood, picking up the items we needed for our cooking class tonight. From our shopping list we found duck breasts for searing and oranges to make an accompanying sauce. We bought potatoes, comtĂ©, cream and garlic for a gratin dauphinois. We picked up some lovely endives and some tangy Fourme d’Ambert for our salad course. We found some beautiful strawberries that will be paired with a caramel vinegar sauce, mint and a few grinds of black pepper for dessert.

Then there were a few things that were not on the list but looked so good that there was no way we couldn’t pack them up and bring them home as well (rhubarb tart anyone?).

Today I am posting the recipe for one of the duck recipes that we will be preparing tonight. We couldn’t decide between doing a seared magret de canard or a really easy duck confit so we figured we would just do both.

Tomorrow we are off to discover the sweet side of Paris. See you then!

xo J