Nutmeg Scented French Puffs

I arrived home three weeks ago today but my heart and mind are still very much in La Belle France. The transition back to my real life has been a little less smooth than I would have liked but luckily my family has been very, very patient and things are starting to come together around here. Just this week I have begun to feel the winds of change and am excited to see signs of a beautiful Vancouver spring blossoming everywhere.

It is time to say farewell to France (for now) and what better way than to bake up a batch of sweet little donut/cake/muffins that are charmingly called French puffs.

I baked these last Sunday afternoon with the back doors wide open and the sun streaming into the kitchen.  I hauled out the stand mixer, set out butter and sugar and flour and eggs and buttermilk and listened to some 1940’s and 50’s French ballads sung by my friend Jill Barber who just put out her first French language album. During my afternoon baking session I missed Villefranche a bit but felt glad to be back in my Vancouver kitchen again.

Are these little puffs really French at all? To be honest, I don’t think so. They may be French in the same way that “french toast” is french (which, by the way, the French call pain perdu and serve for dessert…) but no matter what they are called they are wonderful little bites to eat and share with those you love, wherever you may be.

 French puffs

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4 Responses to Nutmeg Scented French Puffs

  1. You make my eyes so happy….
    I wish I was there to hear the sounds and smell the scents…..xo

  2. Cheriak says:

    These look so delicious! I’m wondering if you’d consider starting a twitter account because Google Reader is closing in July and that’s where I have all my RSS feeds. I need to follow you somewhere else! xo

  3. Prisqua says:

    They do not look French but they surely look yummy and will give this recipe a try. French patisserie and French cheese are the things I miss from France.

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