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Grapes in the Garden

Grapes in the garden

There are so many things that I should be doing.

Making soup for dinner, folding laundry, working on the recipe sheets for this weekend’s class. I should definitely be studying for my French class tonight (where I am, by far, the oldest person in the group…sigh). I also have a ton of emails to return.


Today was the first time we have had sun in almost a week and so in a justifiable act of procrastination I wandered out to see what was happening in the garden.

The apples have mostly been picked and I can start pulling the biggest quince from the branches next week when I have more time. There is one bold blue hydrangea flower nestled in amongst the other dying buds. The leaves on the willow are bright yellow and falling fast.

Then there are the grapes. After such a good long spell of warm weather they have ripened well this year. With all of the rain over the past few days they are starting to split and fall. I grabbed my scissors and my basket and set to work.

It didn’t take too long to get to all of the bunches I could reach. I am not even sure what I will do with them all (any suggestions welcome) but it felt good to put everything on hold for a few minutes, feel the sun on my back and carefully harvest the deep purple and green beauties. Then I procrastinated a bit more by running for my camera and spending some time just photographing them.

In the end, just little break, and time well spent.

xo J