Rhubarb Crumble with Cardamom and Hazelnuts

Well, my bags are packed. The amazing thing is my flight is not for another 4 hours. Anyone who knows me understands that this is nothing short of a miracle. Anytime I travel I have grand plans to be organized and prepared and packed in good time. However, every time I travel I end up throwing stuff into a bag while the taxi is waiting outside to drive me to the airport. For this trip I managed to pack last night!

I think my sheer excitement over this trip helped me get an early start on the dreaded packing. You see, this afternoon at 4 pm I am getting on a plane to fly to Paris with my Mom. The two of us went last year for two weeks and had such a special time together. It was so special that soon after we arrived home my Mom began planning this year’s trip and she decided it would be even bigger and better. The two of us will spend two weeks in Paris and then my Dad and my husband Glen and my son Max, my sister Lisa and her boyfriend Paolo will join us for another two weeks in and around Paris. One month in France. I still can’t believe it.

I have so many things that I am looking forward to. I can’t wait to walk for hours exploring the different arrondissements, check out the flea markets, ride bikes, eat at a bunch of new restaurants and visit some of our favourites from last year too. I can’t wait to go up the Eiffel Tower with Max who made me promise to wait for him so we could experience it together. I’m planning on meeting up with a friend who moved to Paris a few years ago as well as see another Vancouver friend who happens to be spending a few weeks in the city while we will be there too. There will hopefully be time for a romantic dinner with Glen as well as some big family feasts.  I am signed up for an all day market tour run by Le Cordon Bleu and also have a cooking class booked with Susan Loomis whose cookbooks I adore.

I am hoping to post a photo a day while I am away and there may even be a recipe or two as the apartment we have rented appears to have a pretty decent kitchen. But before I go I wanted to post this simple recipe for rhubarb crumble.

I have been busy harvesting all of the rhubarb from my garden before I go and this is my very favourite ways to use it. I absolutely love rhubarb. I love rhubarb so much that I do not like to mess with it very much when I’m cooking. I am definitely not a fan of mixing it in with strawberries or raspberries. I like my rhubarb to taste, well, like rhubarb.

Here, beautiful ruby rhubarb is complimented with a hit of cardamom and some earthy hazelnuts which add a pleasing crunch. Top it with a dollop or crème fraîche or a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have a perfect spring dessert.

I still have a few errands before I leave so I better run. If you have any must sees/dos in Paris or France please leave a comment. All ideas welcome! xx J

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6 Responses to Rhubarb Crumble with Cardamom and Hazelnuts

  1. sherylmcdougald says:

    Have a fantastic time, my friend – I will be happily, excitedly awaiting your posts!!

    • Thank you my dear. I was hoping to contact you before I left but it all went to hell in a hand basket. I do have a question though, would you be willing to do a line drawing of a wooden spoon for a new project I am working on? Let’s talk. xx J

  2. Diana Ruddick says:

    Just a few weeks ago my adult daughter and I were in Paris, sadly, only for a week — I’d love to go for a month! One of our favorite walks was through the market on rue Mouffetard. It was a perfect place to stock up on the essential provisions we’d need in our own little flat in the Quartier Latin. My mouth is still watering as I think about the succulent chickens roasting on spits, the gigantic pan of potatoes one vendor was selling with his, and the artfully arranged produce. If you’re in the Marais and enjoy falafel, don’t miss lunch at L’As du Fallafel on r. des Rosiers, but skip the frites. Have a wonderfultime — looking forward to your photos.

    • I wandered through the rue Mouffetard market last year and can’t wait to take my Mom there. It really is an amazing place and there is nothing like those roasting chickens! I love falafel and will definitely check out the place you recommended! Thank you so much…

  3. Have a wonderful trip. My favorite way to spend time in Paris is simply wandering around on foot, especially at night. One great memory of mine was attending a reading one evening in the tiny Shakespeare and Company. Enjoy.

    • I have been to Shakespeare and Company a few time but never for an evening reading. Sounds magical. Walking at night along the many deserted street of Paris is one of my very favourite things to do. This year I can’t wait to rent the street bikes with my sister and ride around the city after midnight. It will be a dream come true…

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