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Day 7 in Holland

My final day here in the Netherlands. I leave tomorrow at 3 pm and while I am very excited to get home and see Glen and Max part of me would be very happy to stay for another few days. … Continue reading

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Day 6 in Holland

A wonderful first day in Amsterdam. Our day began with sunshine, a delightful breakfast enjoyed in our cozy B & B houseboat suite and an amazing view . We set out early to explore as much of the city as … Continue reading

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Day 5 in Holland

After five wonderful days in Rotterdam today was the day to pack up my suitcase and move on to Amsterdam for the final three days of my trip. There have been so many amazing moments. The long walks around the … Continue reading

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Day 4 in Holland

It is after 1 am and we have had a very busy day so my post tonight will be brief. The day consisted of a lovely low key afternoon gathering for 20 of Lisa and Paolo’s Rotterdam friends here at … Continue reading

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Day 3 in Holland

Today was my first solo day in Rotterdam. My sister and Paolo had a busy day lecturing and so after a cup of tea together in the morning we headed our separate ways until we met up for dinner at … Continue reading

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Day 2 in Holland

A wonderful day filled with walking, talking, eating, shopping and laughing. We awoke to see the sun shining and a forecast that thankfully promised no rain. Our first stop was the outdoor market located just down the street where we … Continue reading

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Day 1 in Holland

I arrived safe and sound and right on time at the Schiphol airport. The flight was mercifully devoid of any serious turbulence. I read and slept a bit and I even made friends with my seat mate, a lovely older … Continue reading

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Celery and Fennel Salad with Medjool Dates and Parmesan Cheese

I am leaving today for Holland. At 4 pm actually and, as usual, I still have to pack my bag and get myself organized for the trip. Some things never change. I will be back in just over a week … Continue reading

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