Chicken Liver Pâté with Port and Thyme – Day 5 of the 12 Days of Canapés – 2011

Rustic yet rich, and perfect with a glass of champagne.

Here is a recipe that is wonderful in so many ways. It transforms the lowly chicken liver into something flavourful, decadent, festive and special. The holiday season always seems like the perfect time for pâtés and somewhat surprisingly they couldn’t be easier to make at home.

For this particular recipe you will need to plan a little ahead as the chicken livers need to marinate in the port for 24 hours or so. Once they are ready to go this recipe comes together with ease and delivers big earthy flavours. Packed into a pretty bowl, sealed with a layer of clarified butter and dusted with some chopped pistachios or candied walnuts it makes a nice gift to take along to a dinner or party.

It is probably best though, enjoyed at home with 6 to 8 people that you happen to like, with some freshly toasted slices of baguette. Sprinkle with some coarse sea salt and garnish with a sprig of green, pick up your champagne flute and celebrate the season!

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