Potato and Rosemary Pizza and an Invitation

It is that time of the year again! This weekend in Vancouver is the Eastside Culture Crawl! This is a beloved annual event where artists in East Vancouver open up their studios to the public and sell their art directly to those who attend. It is a great way to see some local art, meet the artists in their working environment and maybe even get a jump on your holiday shopping.

The 15th Annual Culture Crawl runs this weekend Friday (5pm – 10pm), Saturday and Sunday (11am – 6pm). For a complete list of participating artists go to eastsideculturecrawl.com

My friend Ross (nuovofresco.com) has a gorgeous studio at 830 Union Street and this will be the 4th year that he will open up his doors to participate in this wonderful weekend of art. As in previous years he and his wife Sarolta (who also happens to be my business partner and dear friend) will be hosting an opening reception on Friday, November 18th from 5:00 pm until 10 pm. Here is your official invitation to come and check out Ross’ beautiful art:

So, what does potato and rosemary pizza have to do with all of this? So glad you asked!

As in previous years, Ross and Sarolta have asked me to do the food for the opening reception. This year, to keep things simple, we decided we would just do a variety of homemade pizzas. The potato and rosemary number that you see above is one of the pizzas that will be offered tomorrow night. Ross and Sarolta made this during the pizza making extravaganza at Max’s birthday last year so it seemed fitting for me to return the favour.

If you live in Vancouver and don’t already have plans tomorrow night please come out and visit. The opening reception is always a wonderful evening filled with interesting people, beautiful art, lively conversation and some tasty food and drinks.

If you do stop by I will be in the kitchen which is located directly across from the studio. I will, no doubt, be covered in flour. Please come in and say hello!

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8 Responses to Potato and Rosemary Pizza and an Invitation

  1. Sarolta says:

    We can’t thank you enough Julie! Cheers to a great evening for art and food!

    xo rolti

  2. Exactly what Sarolta said. Square her words.


  3. Tracy says:

    I hope you all have a wonderful night. You can’t go wrong with pizza, seriously.

  4. gail monteen boure says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. What could be better than Art and Food and Friends. And who doesn’t love pizza. Potato Rosemerry Pizza..I wish I could join in the fun but I will be thinking of you all. By the way did Max get lost on the way home? Waiting for a post from him…

  5. 30 absolutely awesome pizza! Thanks Julie!


  6. kickpleat says:

    Oooh, I didn’t go to any of the openings on Friday which is a bit of a bummer since much of it takes place in my neighbourhood. Would have loved a bite of pizza – it looks delicious! Anyway, I’ll try to go around to places tomorrow.

  7. This pizza looks perfect. I hope you had fun.

  8. Sarolta and Ross: What a fun evening! I was thrilled to be a part of it.

    Tracy: My sentiments exactly.

    Gail: It truly was a lovely evening and people seemed to love the pizza. We finally have Max back on track with his blogging!

    Kickpleat: Sarolta says that she recognizes you from the neighbourhood. Small world.

    Denise: I really love this combination. At first my husband asked “Starch plus starch?” but then he couldn’t stop eating piece after piece.

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