Endive and Watercress Salad with Asian Pear and a Grainy Mustard Vinaigrette

Wow, it has been quite the week around here!

My parents arrived for a visit, we checked out Key West over the weekend and the biggest news is that the show that Glen has been working on was cancelled and so we are leaving Miami and heading back to Vancouver.

It certainly wasn’t a surprise that the show was axed but it still feels very bittersweet. We have gone from wondering how much longer we would be living here to how soon we will be heading home. I am excited to see my family and friends (and our dog Mabel!) but I know that I will miss so many things about South Beach. The warm breezes, the morning light, the walks on the beach, the stunning sunsets from our deck, the Art Deco architecture, the amazing food and the friendly Floridians. I will always think of our time here with great fondness and remember how Glen, Max and I became just a little bit closer during this 3 month adventure.

We are planning on packing up our things and taking care of some last minute business over the next week or so and then we will be taking a couple of weeks to wend our way home. We are tentatively going to spend a few days in the Bahamas before we head up to Orlando to see the Nasa Space Centre. From there we are hoping to travel by train to Washington DC to show Max the White House and the new Martin Luther King Memorial and check out a few museums and then it will be on to New York City. We plan on spending four days in New York to visit with friends and check out the sights and from there we will fly back to Vancouver around the middle of November.

If anyone has any hotel recommendations for either Washington or NYC and/or any kid friendly attractions that we should check out I would love to hear from you.

As far as this site goes, postings may be a bit sporadic over the next month. With Glen off work now there may be a few Lunches for Two instead of one. There will probably be less cooking done and more eating out while we pack up here and then next to no cooking while we are on the road. I promise to throw something up here when I can and will be back cooking and hosting classes in full force once I get home. I have a list of recipes in mind for when I am back in Vancouver.

But for now there is the sweet and simple salad that you see above.

Belgian endive paired with a grainy mustard vinaigrette always takes me back to my days as a line cook at the french restaurant where I worked in Vancouver. It was often included as a part of the daily staff meals that we made for both the kitchen and the front of house staff. This is essentially that same simple salad but with a few well chosen additions in the form of a bunch of peppery watercress, a thinly sliced, fragrant and crunchy Asian pear and a few toasted hazelnuts.

It can be further jazzed up with some crumbled blue cheese or shavings of Parmesan and is wonderful served alongside a roasted chicken and some oven fries.

This is the perfect autumn salad whether you are in sunny Florida, cool Vancouver or any point in between. See you soon!

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6 Responses to Endive and Watercress Salad with Asian Pear and a Grainy Mustard Vinaigrette

  1. Bonnie says:

    Wow, what news!
    I think it is great that you are taking your time coming home. Continuing your adventure, so to speak! But I’m glad you’ll be back. I think I’m going to need your assistance to tackle the butternut ravioli recipe you’ve got on this site. I am so intrigued, but too nervous to try it yet!
    On the bright side, think of all the Fall/Winter dishes you’ll get to cook now…

  2. Tracy says:

    Your recipes—no matter how quick—send me into hunger/list writing mode. I’m so glad you’re heading back to your home. You’ll get to tuck your dish towels back into their drawer and fill the refrigerator. Sleep in your own bed. See your family and friends. The list of good stuff just goes on and on…

  3. gail monteen bourne says:

    Where life’s twist and turns take us is sorta out of our hands sometimes, however there’s a lot of positive things to say about this happening. You’ll always have a connection to fabulous Florida, great memories of places you all have been and all the awesome things that all of you have done. Sooooo enjoy the trip back Home….Best wishes and safe travels..

  4. Lisa Host says:

    I can’t wait to be able to sit around in your kitchen again, glass of wine in hand, great food delights and even better company..Wonderful for all of us, (the many,many of us) that you are on your way home.. Charlie is beyond excited about seeing Max.

  5. Bonnie: I am looking forward to braising and stewing and roasting, that is for sure! I would love to show you how to make the ravioli when I get home and we should tackle some gnocchi as well. I will touch base with you once I am home and settled.

    Tracy: There is a lot to look forward to back at home, I really appreciate your thoughtful words. Helps me put and keep things in perspective. Sleeping in my own bed and having a proper pot for cooking pasta are two of the many things I am looking forward to!

    Gail: Thanks for your wisdom. We will always have wonderful memories of this magical place.

    Lisa: Can’t wait to see you guys and Max too is so excited about seeing his dear pal.

  6. Big changes. It seems you have an excellent plan for enjoying the ride. Enjoy.

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