Whole Cherry Clafoutis

I can hardly believe that I have been back for a week. I am in the final stages of shrugging off the jet lag that has plagued me since my arrival home and today is the first day that I feel like my old Vancouver self.

I was up with the sun, which is one of the wonderful things about a body readjusting to a different time zone, and finally got to the dishes that were left over from a Supper in the Kitchen class on Friday. I spent time today with my family and had a leisurely lunch and then made a cherry clafoutis à la Dorie Greenspan that is pictured above.

When my Mom and I were in Paris we met up with our very dear friend Jeannot to have dinner one night at a wonderful brasserie/bistro/restaurant called Savy. After a delicious dinner that was followed by a beautiful cheese course we ordered a strawberry tart and a cherry clafoutis for dessert. While the strawberry tart was good the clafoutis was so wonderful that I barely got my spoon into it before it had been devoured by my dinner companions.

I did a bit of research upon my return home and came across this absolutely winning recipe by Ms. Greenspan. She advises, as any serious french cook would, to leave the pits in the cherries when making this dessert.The reasoning behind this is that the un-pitted cherry provides more flavour and juice and that, frankly it is just the proper way to do things. Sometimes you just need to trust the French.

I made this today for my Mom and Dad and Grandmother who came by for an afternoon coffee and everyone had a second helping. I was wondering how my Dad would feel about dealing with all of those pits but he was so busy enjoying his first (and second) piece he didn’t slow down long enough for me to pose the question. I have a small sliver left to go with my coffee tomorrow. I can eat it while I think about how much I miss Paris.

In my last post I mentioned that I had some news to share.

Ever heard the expression “Man plans and God laughs”?

Okay, so here is what I had planned:

This summer Glen would be off from work (the first time in 10 years!) and we would spend some long, lazy days over at our cabin on Keats Island. Mornings would be spent reading, the afternoons would be taken up with a leisurely lunch and then we would head down to the beach in the late afternoon to have a cocktail or two with friends and watch the kids paddle on the wake boards or swim out to the dock. We would BBQ our dinner and play board games or take walks or roast marshmallows in the evening. Once or twice a week I would come back into town to work with my sweet friend Sarolta hosting a cooking class or a culinary tour and maybe do a wine evening.

Here is the part where God starts laughing:

Glen scored a job on a television series that just happens to be shooting in…Miami, Florida!

And so we are moving. Not forever. Just for a while. Depending on the ratings it will be anywhere from 4 to 9 months. Glen leaves on Wednesday and Max and I will follow a month later.

While this has been a remote possibility for the past few months I only found out it was a go when I was in Paris. I somehow thought that it would never really happen. I put in out of my mind until I got home and now we are in full moving mode.

We have found a lovely apartment to rent right in South Beach and there is a good school for Max close by.

We have been told that Miami is a wonderful city with great restaurants, some pretty decent weather (Vancouver in November anyone?) warm and friendly people and someone even mentioned a kick ass farmer’s market. Just think of that growing season.

Apart from leaving my family and friends and the wee little business that was starting to really thrive I am looking forward to the adventure ahead. I am intrigued by the idea of stepping out of my day to day life here in Vancouver for a finite period of time. I am happy to leave a few chores behind…

But for now, I need to post this amazing, easy, satisfying clafoutis recipe from Doris Greenspan and then spend some time with my husband who is leaving so soon. We will have a month hiatus from one another and we don’t do very well apart…

I will be back after Wednesday to share a couple of “how to clean out your freezer and pantry” recipes. Every cloud has a silver lining.

PS: I finally got all of my Paris photos up on my flickr site. Many of them may well be a bit of a bore but the sets are arranged so you can see our trip in chronological order. They were designed for my sweet travelling companion and biggest supporter, my Mom.

PPS: If anyone happens to live in Miami that looks at this site, or has a sister, mother, cousin or friend that lives there and/or has any, ANY, advice or recommendations or thoughts or even random theories on things that we should do or see or shop at or… please leave a comment here or email me at kitchenculinaire@gmail.com xo J


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12 Responses to Whole Cherry Clafoutis

  1. Tracy says:

    You’re mother looks so French in those photos…so sweet! I have to say, I’m quite inspired by this recipe. With a rather large bag of cherries waiting for me at home and no other dessert in the house, there’s only one course of action.

    I’ve only visited Miami once. In April, a few years back for a wedding. It was very hot. Very bright. Arm yourself with a nice hat, sun block and sunglasses…then enjoy a nice Cuban coffee.

  2. Bess says:


    I have been so missing your Parisian blog this past week, and now of course shall also miss Sarolta’s daily notes from Italia, so am glad to see you back on board, especially with a recipe for clafouti. Every year, given the ‘ve abundance of Okanagan fruit, I swear to make one for breakfast, and every year fail to do so. Perhaps now I learned I don’t have to pit those cherries,.. …?

    Your comment, ‘ Man plans, God laughs’ reminds me of my late husband’s translated – from – Hungarian version, i.e.” Man proposes, God disposes .” But I ‘m sure having you disposed to Miami will make for interesting future reading ! Wishing you well on your next adventure.


  3. cathy says:

    i love the photos- beautiful food,and beautiful women!
    Congratulations to Glen and to you for embracing this adventure- WOW what a thrill.
    But what of Keats ? will we see you at all? we are heading up tomorrow with many bottles of Rose
    to share on the deck– 🙂 talk soon, xxoo

  4. gail monteen bourne says:

    Loved all the pictures…sooo nice of you to share. All I can say is that I know you will enjoy Miami…food-fun-sun-and all that awesome water…Best of luck to all of you..

  5. Tracy: You made my Mom’s day! She is very, very French at heart.
    Make the clafoutis, it really is easy and delicious. Thanks for the Miami advice. I am packing my 60 SPF sunscreen!

    Bess: Thanks for your sweet comment. Not pitting the cherries makes this a 20 minute, quick and easy dessert (or breakfast). The thing that I will miss the very most when I move to Miami is your sweet and amazing daughter who also happens to be my very best friend. We are getting together on Wednesday to talk about our respective vacations. I can’t wait!

    Cathy: I will see you a week from Friday! I am officially in love with the rosé and will be bring a few bottles to share with you. So looking forward to it!

    Gail: Thanks so much. I promise we will make it to the Moulin Rouge next time!! I am looking forward to the next adventure in Miami, thanks for your good wishes.

  6. gail monteen bourne says:

    The framer just brought over the 6 plates (out of 46) that I choose for the walls in my dining room…these are the plates out of the ALBUM VILMORIN-THE VEGETABLE GARDEN (paris-1800’s). I love, love, love them..do check out the album on amazon…Bought the cherries this morning and will be making the Whole Cherry Clafoutis in a few hours..have a great day….

  7. Leslie says:

    Welcome home!

  8. Just home and now a new adventure and a beautiful clafoutis. Carry on.

  9. Tobey says:

    I made this last night and it was fantastic! I was a bit worried that the cherry pits would be a bummer but they totally were not. The cherries were so plump and wonderful that I almost forgot about the pits.

    I tell everyone I know about this site because so far everything I’ve made from here has been great.

    Cool that you guys are going to Miami, what an adventure!

  10. Gail: I have always loved these prints, and I am sure that they look stunning in your dining room.

    Leslie: Thanks my dear.

    Denise: Your comments always make me smile.

    Tobey: Yay! I am glad it was a hit and thanks for letting me know. Next up a nectarine and raspberry galette…

  11. Linda says:

    Just catching up on your blog (great stories and photos). Big news about Miami…

    I will be making your Whole Cherry Clafoutis recipe for a “local” potluck on our street (Parker) this Friday evening. Everyone is bringing a home-made dish made from local ingredients, a fresh salmon will be cooking on the BBQ, and then all the foodie neighbors will be watching the food-inspired movie Mostly Martha (Bella Martha)!

  12. Melanie Howle says:

    I’ve actually been on a clafoutis kick recently. This recipe is fantastic, and it is perfect for adapting! The first time, I made the cherry version, but then I used blueberries + lemon zest/juice. Now, I have a fresh peach and brown sugar version in the oven as I type! I love that this recipe is so versatile!

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