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Chocolate Gelato

Things are starting to come together around here and while the to-do list is still very, very long, progress is being made. In less than two weeks Max and I will be in Miami. How crazy and strange. My mood … Continue reading

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Fire Roasted Corn Salad with Feta and Tomatoes

Just heading up to the cabin this afternoon but wanted to post a simple, summer recipe before I go. I make this salad all summer long and even though summer has yet to hit the West Coast of Canada and … Continue reading

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Nectarine Galette with Raspberries

I don’t generally post two dessert recipes in a row but since Glen left for Florida earlier this week I have been feeling a bit blue and thought a little something sweet might help to lift my mood. A lot … Continue reading

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Whole Cherry Clafoutis

I can hardly believe that I have been back for a week. I am in the final stages of shrugging off the jet lag that has plagued me since my arrival home and today is the first day that I … Continue reading

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Day 15, our final day in Paris

This is it. The final day of our trip and one final Paris post. Our flight doesn’t leave until 3 pm and our bags are mostly packed and so we will still have the morning to take a walk around … Continue reading

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Day 14 in Paris

I remember the first time I saw the Mona Lisa I was surprised at how small it was. This is certainly not a glass half empty comment. The painting is absolutely impressive when viewed up close but when you enter … Continue reading

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Day 13 in Paris

Our time is winding down here. Today we had to move from our comforting and lovely apartment into a hotel for our final two nights. Luckily it is the same hotel that we stayed in last year and only a … Continue reading

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Day 12 in Paris

I have thoroughly enjoyed eating my way around the city these last twelve days. It is funny though, the most memorable meals that my Mom and I have eaten in Paris have not been from the fancy or famous restaurants … Continue reading

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