French Rhubarb Cake

This is a public service announcement.

Tomorrow, Sunday May 29th is the Queen Victoria Annex Spring Fling! If you happen to be unfamiliar with this epic, annual event I will shed a bit of light for you.

Every year, the sweet little school that Max attends has a big spring festival to raise money for student programs that fall outside provincial funding and that help enrich the educational experience for so many great kids in our neighbourhood. The Spring Fling is comprised of a massive garage sale and has other family activities such as face painting, an art bus, rare reptiles (?!), a 50/50 draw and a raffle, musical stylings by Tambai Marimba, Vancouver Police department horses and dogs, not to mention a “gift basket bonanza”!

There also happens to be a bake sale and this is where I come in! There are a wonderful bunch of Mom and Dad bakers at Queen Victoria Annex and I am thrilled to add my contribution into the mix.

If you are able to make it by tomorrow the Spring Fling runs from 10 am until 2 pm. The location is Victoria Drive and 3rd Avenue, just down from the fire station and across from Figaro’s Garden.

In terms of baking I am sure there will be some amazing cupcakes and cookies and squares and even hopefully a few pots of jam. For my part I have made some sea salt caramels, some two bite lemon cheesecakes, a batch of blueberry and lemon crumb bars and now I am moving on to some chocolate, almond biscotti and some salted chocolate chunk cookies.

I also made a couple of French Rhubarb Cakes. This is a brand new rhubarb recipe in my repertoire and it is definitely a keeper. I had been looking for a rhubarb cake that would replicate a slice of heavenly baking that I experienced in Paris last year when I was there with my family. That cake looked like this:

I went online and plugged in “French rhubarb cake” (although in retrospect I might have been smarter to have typed in French rhubarb tart) and what I came across was not at all like the above pictured dessert. But do not despair, I found something just as good, maybe better! This is from a wonderful website called My Kitchen in the Rockies, here is Kristen’s recipe that she adapted from another another blogger called Katja over at Bolli’s Kitchen. Aren’t food blogs great!

This cake is full of sweet/tart rhubarb flavour and is so very moist. My Mom loved this cake when she tried it last week and commented that it is almost like a bread pudding cake. So very good. It is amazing with the soft sweetness of the cake itself topped by the crunch of the sliced almonds. A simple and lovely slice of spring.

See you tomorrow at the Spring Fling!


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6 Responses to French Rhubarb Cake

  1. Saw Rhubarb at Normans on Commercial yesterday and thought about the plants my great grandmother had on her farm. I don’t remember her using it this way. Looks awesome and I’ll give it a try!


  2. Oh my, this looks so good. I love almonds and I love rhubarb, yet I’ve never thought of combining them in a cake. Excellent idea.

  3. Ross: Thanks for taking over where your wife left off. I always look forward to your comments. I don’t know if you have time for making cake though. Do they have rhubarb in Florence?

    Denise: Wish I could say it was mine! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Truth is I have been lurking around your lovely, lovely site for a while, now it seems dumb I didn’t just say hi…

  4. Dominika says:

    Omg! I love this post! Greeting from Poland.

  5. Glenna says:

    Very tasty! My husband and I skipped dinner and had this instead. I love that it uses a large amount of rhubarb since my garden is overflowing right now. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  6. Becca says:

    This cake was delicious, however after 50 min, it was still quite jiggly in the center. I ended up leaving it in the oven an extra 20+ min until it appeared to have settled; but after it cooled and I cut into it, sure enough, the middle was still not cooked enough. I think next time I will use a 10 inch spring-form and see if that helps. Love the rhubarb/almond combo! Thanks again!!

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