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Summer Tomato and Gorgonzola Bread Salad with Seared Beef Tenderloin

I love bread salad. I love it in the spring (with pea shoots, asparagus, fava beans and shaved parmesan), in the fall (with roasted wild mushrooms, pancetta and leeks), and in the winter (with roasted butternut squash, thyme and a … Continue reading

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Tomato Recipe to Come…

I have been out enjoying the sunshine and therefore neglecting the blogging part of my life. I will be back tomorrow (or Wednesday at the very latest) with a recipe that uses the very ripest summer tomatoes that are just … Continue reading

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Yogurt and Vanilla Panna Cotta

Last week my kitchen was turned into a make-shift photography studio while I helped out on a very interesting and certainly eye opening project. Myshsael, a local photographer, hired me to assist her with some cooking/baking for a gluten free … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

  Just a few words today. I will have a lovely, simple dessert recipe to share tomorrow that came out of a interesting project that I worked on all last week. But, for today some images of all of the … Continue reading

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Morgan’s Grilled Spot Prawns

I am just starting to get things packed up and organized as we need to leave the island tomorrow morning. This is the part that always makes me feel a bit sad, the washing of the sheets, going through the … Continue reading

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Away at the Cabin and a Seafood Salad…

It seems like the last few weeks/months/years have been all about moving fast. Racing from place to place, commitment to commitment, deadline to deadline. I don’t even have a regular 9 to 5, full time job and yet constraints on … Continue reading

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