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Cantonese BBQ Duck with Kumquat Marmalade Canapés

Okay, here is the third and final instalment of “things to do with kumquat marmalade“.  I’m feeling ready to move on as I dip into the bottom of the jam jar but I certainly have enjoyed the ride. This third … Continue reading

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In Defence of the Cheese Course…with Kumquat Marmalade

I once worked in a restaurant that offered diners a choice of three different tasting menus. If someone really wanted to order à la carte they would be accommodated but generally these were people with adventurous palates who were more … Continue reading

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Fennel Bomboloni with Kumquat Marmalade

I know I said that the three dishes linked to the kumquat marmalade would be easy… and the other two are. In fact, they are strictly the assembly of carefully purchased ingredients. But when I saw this recipe in the … Continue reading

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Kumquat Marmalade

Whew! Well that was relatively painless. While the computer is still in the shop Glen arranged for his work laptop to be dropped off this morning. Hooray! I’m pleased to be back and to share a recipe that comes from … Continue reading

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Braised Red Wine Beef Short Ribs

Here is the recipe that I promised a couple of days ago. I wanted to send this off this morning as my computer is sick and needs to be taken in to Mac Station this afternoon. The problem has something … Continue reading

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Endive Salad with Citrus, Stilton and Toasted Pecans

I made this salad as part of our Wednesday night dinner (with Anneliese) to go with braised beef short ribs and buttered egg noodles. The crunchy bitterness of the endive and tang of the navel and blood oranges were a … Continue reading

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Orecchiette with Spicy Turkey Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

I love that the days are getting longer and we are steadily heading toward spring. It has, however, been somewhat unpredictable on the weather front this week. Daylight savings came on Sunday morning which has helped me feel less light … Continue reading

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Cioccolato Paradiso – Chocolate, Almond and Orange Biscotti

For the last few days we were up at our cabin on a small-ish island that is just 30 minutes by water taxi from West Vancouver. We bought the funny little Quonset hut at the end of last summer and … Continue reading

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