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Monday evening teabag wisdom

One week of time with my sweet family, and sunshine and walks on the beach and good food and some wine and a Mai Tai or two. Back in one week!

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Pierogi making with Baba

My sister Lisa is up from Los Angeles this weekend. She and her boyfriend Paolo were invited to come up to play music and show some of their films at the Cultural Olympiad which is a part of the 2010 … Continue reading

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Chocolate Truffles and an Early Gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and so this seems the perfect opportunity to pass along a recipe for the occasion. I love the idea of a homemade treat for your sweetheart and while these truffles look impressive they … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Teabag Wisdom

I like to think that I possess certain positive attributes. I consider myself to be a hard worker, willing to jump in when others need help, determined, things like that. I wouldn’t say, however, that I am particularly calm. And … Continue reading

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My Favourite Lentils with Roasted Salmon and Spinach

I just made this for dinner last night and I am once again reminded of how much I love lentils. I know the title to this post should read “Roasted salmon with lentils and spinach” but to me, the lentils … Continue reading

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Pink Grapefruit Sorbet with a Gin and Vanilla Jus

Just a few more wine glasses need to be washed but otherwise there is almost no sign of the big event yesterday. I only have a few photos to post as we were pretty busy with the prepping and cooking … Continue reading

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