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Tojo’s Marinated Sablefish with Garlic Spinach

Ken and Jessica are getting married tomorrow. ¬†Here at my house. And while I have about a million things I still need to check off my to do list I did want to share a recipe for the first course … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Teabag Wisdom

I have been trying to drink more green tea. Apparently you need to drink 3 to 6 cups a day to reap any of the health benefits but I am nowhere near that amount yet. However, one of the unexpected … Continue reading

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Alsatian Tart Recipe

Here is the recipe for the Alsatian tarts that we made at the class last week. It is one of the signature hors d’oeuvres that we serve at many of the events and also works well as an elegant first … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting/Cooking Class

I hosted my first ever wine tasting/cooking class on Saturday evening for 7 wonderful, fun and funny women. For years I have put on dinner party/cooking classes but this was the first time of including a wine component and doing … Continue reading

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Carrot, Leek and Cardamom Soup

It has been a rainy week. Rain everyday. Some impressive downpours. Having been born in Vancouver I am pretty used to the amount of rain we get and the fact that a cloudy, dark sky can last for weeks (!) … Continue reading

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Garlic Soup and Blogging Etiquette

The last week has been all about learning new things related to the wide world of blogging. I’ve learned how to use my computer for more than looking up online news and sending emails. I’m in the process of re-learning … Continue reading

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Welcome to Kitchen!

For the past couple of years I have adopted the New Year’s tradition of a dear friend who makes a list of her 101 wishes for the coming year. Now, these wishes can be large (live in Paris for a … Continue reading

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